June 2016 Weather Roundup


June will end up as the #1 hottest on record for the U.S. overall. 95% of the country had above average temperatures with excessive heat from the Southwest into the Central U.S. Rainfall was the 2nd least in 25+ years, 2nd only to 2012. This was a wholesale change from the prior very wet Junes.

The hot/dry weather lead to expanding drought in parts of the Corn Belt, Southeast and Northeast. We explain here how the USDA/NOAA drought monitor doesn’t always tell the right story but it is wildly used in the Ag space.

These were some of the hardest hit areas across the Corn Belt – not exactly fringe locations so a decent 15% to 20% of the Corn Belt is having some major issues with excessive near record heat, near record number of 90F days for June with very dry weather. More heat in July and August and then hurricane remnants with flooding in late Summer – early Fall during harvest so we’re not out of the woods yet. We should retest and exceed the June highs of $4.50 Corn by late July – August.




July 1st, 2016 | Weather Trends 360


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