Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance

Risk management for livestock has been made easy and affordable with Livestock Risk Protection (LRP). This product protects against a decline in market prices by providing a price floor. A loss is due at the most basic level if the ending price is below the price floor that you set at the beginning of your coverage. LRP is also flexible for the size and type of operation by offering coverage on a per head basis rather than a set contract size and makes price adjustments for the different types and weights of cattle or swine, which more accurately reflect the producer’s price risk.

Livestock Risk Protection protects against market price decline and no other peril. Coverage prices are informed by futures prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group and compared to the respective cash markets based on type. LRP is available for feeder cattle, fed cattle, and swine. Please contact an AgRisk Advisor today to learn more about LRP or receive a daily email with LRP Rates tailored for your risk management needs!

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