Hemp Insurance

Hemp Crop Insurance Coverage

This federally-reinsured pilot crop insurance program provides Actual Production History (APH) coverage for eligible hemp producers in certain counties in 21 states. The crop is insurable if:

• The grower has a share in the hemp crop;
• The grower has at least one prior year of history producing hemp;
• It is a type listed in the actuarial documents and grown for the production of industrial and consumer products;
• Premium rates are provided in the actuarial documents;
• It is grown under a processor contract executed by the applicable acreage reporting date;
• It is grown under official certification or license issued by the applicable governing authority that permits production of the hemp;
• It is planted for harvest as hemp in accordance with the requirements of the processor contract and production management practices of the processor; and
• It is planted to an adapted variety and not a variety prohibited by the applicable governing authority. (Refer to the Hemp Provisions.)

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