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Meet the Tattersall family, Aaron and Traci. Working alongside their dedicated team of skilled professionals, together they form the heart of AgRisk Advisors. With a strong foundation in Agriculture, a deep-rooted commitment to family values, and a wealth of experience in Business, Finance, Sales, and Management, this husband-and-wife duo has cultivated AgRisk Advisors into a thriving and vibrant family-owned business. Through their passion and expertise, they’ve created a dynamic and exciting organization for both agents and employees to flourish within.

Aaron’s upbringing on his family’s Oregon ranch instilled in him a profound understanding of the challenges of fellow ranchers and farmers. His unwavering passion for the agricultural way of life combined with his education in Finance, Business, and Risk Management, make Aaron a natural fit in the Crop Insurance industry. He approaches his customers with the same care and dedication he would offer his own family, curating risk management plans that safeguard a legacy for future generations.

Traci’s early career in Sales and Business has finely honed her people skills, making her a natural connector with a genuine affinity for those with whom she interacts. Although she began her journey at AgRisk as a Crop Insurance Agent, she has since transitioned into overseeing the entirety of Business Operations. Together, Traci and Aaron are a formidable team, leveraging their combined expertise in both professional and personal realms to foster excellence.

Outside of their family business, Aaron and Traci cherish moments spent with their two grown sons, Mitchell and Travis.