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How To: The AgRisk Almanac



What is The AgRisk Almanac?

The AgRisk Almanac is the 2022 version of the long-range forecast. A free, live, and interactive event that will include a long-range forecast like in previous years and a live Q&A with AgRisk Advisors and Brian Bledsoe, Chief Meteorologist/Climatologist KKTV Colorado Springs. Once a month, from September 2022 to November 2022, we will be hosting this live event. Each month we will have at least one AgRisk Advisor, and Brian Bledsoe will be there to answer any PRF or weather-related questions you ask! The first airing of the AgRisk Almanac with Brian Bledsoe will be this Thursday, September 15th, 2022.


Where can you join The AgRisk Almanac?

You can access the event or find the Zoom meeting link in a few locations. The first location is the AgRisk Advisors PRF website. We have created an entire web page dedicated to the AgRisk Almanac. There you will find background information on the hosts, meeting details, and a preview of what to expect. The next place you join the event is on the AgRisk Advisors Facebook page. At the time of the event, visit the AgRisk Facebook page to find the Zoom link to join. The third place you can find the AgRisk Almanac is AgRisk Advisor’s Facebook event page. AgRisk Advisors created a Facebook Event that is free to join and provides all information regarding The AgRisk Almanac.


Follow any of these links to be directed to The AgRisk Almanac:


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